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you deserve to be thrilled about decorating your space

When you love that dark, edgy style, you have a hard time finding home decor and candles with the dark aesthetic and popular scents you want, especially outside of Halloween. 

It can be annoying af when you want to burn a candle and the only ones available with a decent scent are round and in a glass jar. And it’s frustrating everything in the home decor section at every store looks like it’s made for the cover of a generic ‘home’ magazine.

So, if you’re fed up with typical, bland home decor options and boring candles, then I’m your girl. I want my customers to be thrilled when designing & decorating their space and truly able to express themselves.

At Dark Decor Candles, I make custom decor with dark aesthetic and badass candles that smell fantastic. Candles, pillows, slipcovers, and more, I love working with all things spooky and dark. Dark Decor Candles is veteran-, female-, and mama-owned and my products are available all year. 

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